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Wishbook 2018: A New Direction

The new restoration project Wishbook for 2018 has been released and museum director Barbara Jatta has a new direction and we find it to be very exciting. The quote Dr. Jatta:

I would like to thank the Patrons of the Arts of the Vatican Museums for their support over the last 35 years. Together with Father Kevin Lixey, we have decided to dedicate this 2018 Wishbook to honoring the history of the Patrons and the many projects undertaken during these years; these include not only major restorations but also the conservation of smaller but significant artifacts that have proved equally useful and important
for our institution.

At the same time, I thought it was proper, as Director, to propose two things: to complete the initiatives that were adopted in previous years and to focus greater attention and effort towards some of the more urgent, significant, and highly-visible projects to be underwritten by our Patrons of the Arts.

The 2018 restoration projects are fewer in number, but greater in scope. Among the most important is the restoration of Bramante’s Pinecone Courtyard, the heart of the Vatican Museums, whose attentive conservation is a priority towards giving a new vision to our institution.

I am certain that with the help of the Patrons of the Arts, all this will be possible thanks to this alliance between the Museums of the Holy See and this International group of Catholics and friends who honor their own faith as well as the history and the beauty that are preserved and housed within the Papal City.

Our chapter already has a stake in this new direction which we will be sharing soon, but other projects are still available and detailed on the International Site.

View the full 2018 Wishbook here and contact us if you wish to adopt a project:


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