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Report: Patrons’ 2016 Rome Trip a Smashing Success

It seems like just yesterday that we announced the 15th anniversary trip patrons’ trip to Rome, but now that the trip has come and gone we can certainly claim it was one for the history books!

Some highlights:

  • An amazing tour of Assisi featuring our local docent Claudia on the Feast of St. Francis
  • An exclusive tour of Uffizi museum in Florence featuring museum director Eike Schmidt
  • A special trip to view The David, in all its splendid glory
  • A peaceful hike through the Hermitage of Carceri
  • Tours of more cathedrals than even the most pious patron could ever hope
  • Galas and dinners and receptions galore
  • A tour of the glorious cathedral in Orvieto and its amazing Signorelli chapel
  • A multi-course lunch in the Museo Pio Cristianorum
  • An extravagant three hour lunch at renowned Scarpone in Rome
  • A presentation from Senior Curator Dr. Micol Forte about a new exhibit from the Contemporary Art Collection
  • An exclusive tour of a new interactive contemporary art installation in the Vatican Museums
  • Special tours of restoration laboratories to see our most recently adopted projects and their restorations
  • Dinner under the Caravaggio paintings in the Vatican Museum’s Pinacoteca
  • Special seating at Sunday mass with Pope Francis
  • A leisurely stroll through Castel Gandolfo and a reception at the Papal Farm
  • Countless works of art; countless glasses of wine

The pictures speak for themselves! We are already planning our next Patrons’ trip for 2018, so be sure to contact us with any requests or ideas.

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