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Via Crucis by Giovanni Previati

The “Via Crucis” by Gaetano Previati was a project adopted by the MN/ND Patrons. Representing the fourteen Stations of the Cross this series of fourteen paintings was in great need of restoration. Restoration of each painting cost $1,500 dollars. All of the Stations were adopted by individual patrons for restoration in honor of loved ones.

Gaetano Previati is one of the most important Italian artists of the 19th century. He was born in Ferrara in 1852 and died in Lavagna (close to Genoa) in 1920.

He studied in Florence and Milan and also attended the Academy of Brera. During his career, he first joined the artistic movement of the Scapigialtura in Milan, but later he became known for his skill in the artistic movement known as Divisionism. His works started to be noticed by the greater public in 1879.

He is well known for bringing new materials and style into sacred contemporary art. During his career Previati painted three versions of the Via Crucis or the Stations of the Cross. The Vatican Museum’s Contemporary Art collection has the last and most famous one (1901) which is considered one of the most important masterpieces of this artist.. It consists of 14 canvases, characterized by a multicolored use of contrasting figures in their dispositions. This, along with the non-traditional use of diagonal brushwork or strokes of paint, brings a contemporary and modern feel to a very religious work mostly intended for popular piety.

State of preservation:  Unfortunately, the condition of these paintings was precarious. An unfortunate previous restoration had caused excessive tension of the canvasses which damaged the colors with small cracks and fissures. Thus, an immediate conservation process was needed.   Restoration process included: Cleaning of the surface  Correction of the tension and control of the state of the canvasses  Integration of the details  Scientific study of the paintings  Photographic documentation  New frames made of Cherry wood

Restoration Cost: Total of 14,250 Euros or about $1,500 dollars per Station.

 Jesus is Condemned to Death (adopted by Coni Beisker as an anniversary gift for her husband)

 Jesus Carries the Cross (adopted in honor of Nathalie and Hubert Joly)

Jesus Falls for the First Time (adopted in honor of Lisa and John Shaughnessy)

Jesus Meets His Mother (adopted by Christine Treanor)

Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross (adopted by Karen Linder in honor of her parents)

Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus (adopted by Patrick Murphy in honor of his mother)

Jesus Falls for the Second Time  (adopted by Louise Lawson and Richard R. Risk)

Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem (adopted by Delia & Tyrone Bujold)

Jesus Falls for the Third Time (adopted by Steve Fairbanks as a Christmas gift to his wife)

Jesus is Stripped of His Garments (adopted by Mark & Deirdre Palmer)

Jesus is Nailed to the Cross  (adopted in honor of Jane and Bob Ernst)

Jesus Dies on the Cross (adopted in honor of Nancy McGlynn Phelps and Jim Phelps)

Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross (adopted by Michelle Pohlad as a birthday gift for her husband)

Jesus is Laid in a Tomb (adopted by Louise Lawson in memory of her late husband)

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