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Colorful Molds from the Apse of St. John Lateran

We invite you to participate in the restoration of a set of prints which are the only existing reference of the mosaics of the former apse of St. John Lateran–one of the four main basilicas in Rome. These pieces are not only significant because of their historical value, but also for thier richness of decor. Among the decorative motifs are the papaya trees that fill the space between the windows; the simple golden background and the different decorative friezes of vegetables or geometric shapes; and the figures draped with the names of the Apostles inscribed in mosaic tesserae with on gold a background.

We have selected 15 pieces of the some 110 that are still in need of preservation. These works have a thick layer of dust causing the colors to be dull as well as gaps, missing paint and tears in the paper. Previous restorations and old glue are harming the paper. The backing of the prints is unstable and further damaging the paper.

UPDATE: Restoration on this project is complete. We will be receiving a full description soon!

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