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MN/ND Patrons Chair Joins the Vatican Art and Technology Council

In December, Johan van Parys, chair of the Minnesota and North Dakota chapter of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums was invited to the Vatican and Rome to participate in the Vatican Art and Technology Council, with the expressed goal of finding innovative ways of using technology to avail the art at the Vatican museums to the world.

During this three day symposium, the group of thirty technology professionals and art scholars discussed possible technological solutions for sharing the vast collection of art at the Vatican Museums with as much of the world as possible.

The Vatican has an amazing collection of art and historical treasures, but its attendance has soared to over 6 millions visitors annually. This has posed a problem for preserving and restoring the art, which is under constant attack from the elements. So the question is posed: how do we continue to share this art with the world in a way that still inspires and educates while still ensuring its longevity and preservation for generations to come. And how can we use the latest in emerging technologies to accommodate this goal.

Dr. Johan van Parys attended this event with other experts from Facebook, Forbes, Microsoft, Amazon, Stanford University, The Louvre, Twitter, Virgin, Notre Dame, and more. Throughout the course of the symposium, many directions were chosen for further exploration, and the council plans to meet regularly to discuss possible solutions and opportunities.

This was truly an amazing and rare experience for everyone involved, but more than that it was the opportunity to help ensure that the art in the Vatican Museums can be shared with humanity all over the world for generations to come.

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